Cloud-based digital information
distribution system


LECIP CMP:LECIP Content Management Platform is an integrated DX cloud system that allows you to produce a variety of digital content. With your PC, the system allows you to create digital signage content, issue mobile tickets and more.

Usage Examples


Cloud-based tourism information system


Bus Terminal

Cloud-based bus operation information system



Cloud-based campus information distribution system



Cloud-based location free system

All operations, such as data creation, checking and data distribution to remote STBs (set-top boxes), can be performed by logging in via a web browser from a standard PC.

Content can be delivered for displays of all resolutions and sizes, including up to 4K. Any monitor you have can also be used.



Do I need special equipment or skills to create digital signage or issue mobile tickets?

We've devised the operation method to be user-friendly for everyone, so there's no need to worry. In case you're unsure of the operation, you can download the user manual from the operation screen.

Does the mobile ticket support multilingual display?

Mobile tickets can be displayed in six languages: Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, Vietnamese and Thai. Other languages will be supported in due course.

Is there a limit to the number/kind of signage that can be connected?

Our system architecture supports large-scale information distribution to hundreds of displays. Any type of display can be used, as long as the display has an HDMI input. Please contact us for further details.

What internet speed is required?

The delivered data is stored in the STB (set-top box) before playback, ensuring stable display even at slower connection speeds. Therefore, there is no specific connection speed limit. However, the delivery of large files, such as videos or images, may take some time.

Are there any restrictions on the file formats or sizes of videos and still images that can be played?

The file formats supported by this system are as follows.
・Video:MP4(H.264 encoding)
Our system supports image sizes up to 3840 pixels in width and height. However, excessively high-resolution data may lead to longer delivery times or unstable playback. We recommend optimising the image size to fit the display area. Please contact us for further details.