LED Lighting

NYC lighting


blue box Designed for use in a transit environment
blue box Meets USDOT FST (fire, smoke, toxicity) requirements
blue box Meets IEC62236EMC requirements
blue box Meets IEC61373 vibration requirements
blue box Average life of more than 40,000 hours
blue box Available as full–fixture or boards only for easy replacement using existing fixtures

Light Guide Panel LEDs

NYC lighting


blue box No unevenness in light emission, and outstanding uniformity. Clear light generated by surface emission making it soft on the eyes
blue box Long service life and power savings
blue box Thin lighting unit body, conserving space

Automobile lighting

Responding to your whole range of needs and quality. With a priority on safety and design, a broad range of product makeup within the lines.

LED Lamp Unit

The unit has the equivalent brightness of our conventional lamp units, yet consumes 60-70% of the power. Also with the long 40,000-hour life of its panel-mounted elements, bulb-changing is no longer necessary.


Cargo spaces for refrigerated trucks

The brightness of fluorescent bulbs drops in cold surroundings, but this lamp unit with the LED light source has brightness comparable to fluorescent units at ordinary temperatures, suiting it to cold surroundings.


Small-scale unit for autos

Principally used in the passenger automobiles that delivery companies use for package transport in the cargo space and the driver's seat.


Trunk lamp

Once adapted to ordinary use, we plan to supply this unit for use in passenger cars.