Beloit Transit System (Beloit, WI) goes with a new Automated Fare Collection System from LECIP Inc.

Sep. 8, 2020

BENSENVILLE, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--LECIP Inc., LECIP Holdings Corporation's consolidated subsidiary, has installed its new Automated Fare Collection (AFC) systems, including LF-7000, to Beloit Transit System in Beloit, WI.

LF-7000 has Operator Control Unit integrated in to the farebox, and the dimension has been reduced while the capacity for both coins and bills are kept to generally required level by transit authorities. With the OCU built in smaller body, there will be additional benefit for more free space for both riders and bus operators. LF-7000 also has modular design for easy maintenance.

Moreover, the self-contained cashbox vaulting system eliminate manually extract fares from each farebox. In an active infectious disease environment, this also means that crew no longer manually interact with potentially contaminated bills or coins during revenue service.

“With all the features and benefits of the LECIP solution, including the fact that the fareboxes have a self-contained vault, and would require even less footprint at the front of our buses, we were ready to accept LECIP’s offer,” said Beloit Transit operations supervisor James Thompson.

LF-7000 also presents the boarding passenger with a large color display, backlit coin and bill location, as well as status indication, along with audible prompts creating an intuitive passenger interface.

“The drivers all loved the smaller fareboxes and their ease of use, and the passengers quickly accepted them, despite it being a new technology.” said Mr. Thompson.

One of the greatest advantages to our system is the automated reporting. LF-7000 system is connected via Wi-Fi so that the fare collection data is transferred automatically to the management team to assist in counting fares, validating ridership, and making management decisions.

With the successful installation of LECIP’s AFC system at Beloit Transit System, LECIP Inc. continues to promote its AFC systems in North America.

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