Orders for a Lighting System for U.S. Subway Cars Received From Kawasaki Rail Car, Inc.

Oct. 23, 2018

LECIP Inc., LECIP Holdings Corporation's consolidated subsidiary, has received orders for a lighting system for U.S. subway cars from Kawasaki Rail Car, Inc., the overseas subsidiary of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. located in the U.S. LECIP will be producing a variety of lighting locally in the U.S., and deliveries will start in FY 2019.

The ordered lighting system will be introduced to 535 subway cars owned by New York City Transit (NYCT). Each lighting device utilizes LED, and there are 28 types of lighting devices, including passenger compartment main lighting, headlights and taillights, door strip indicators, and reading lights. LECIP will be supplying all of the cars' lighting devices, and they will be controlled in linkage with the rail car system.

LECIP’s products are characterized by their toughness against rain, snow, and other harsh environmental conditions, as well as high and low temperatures, electromagnetic waves, vibration, and voltage fluctuation. A highly reliable emergency power unit is attached to the passenger compartment lighting, which will keep the lighting on for a certain period of time even in the event of an emergency. Furthermore, one more of our strengths is that LECIP has a capacity for design that enables us to respond to customers' high demands regarding safety and aesthetics.

Under the current contract, a maximum of 1,077 cars are included as option. If the option is fully exercised, our products will be installed in a total of 1,612 cars, making it the largest-scale order for a U.S. rail car project to date.

In the past, LECIP has supplied products such as reading lights and emergency lights for U.S. rail cars. Furthermore, LECIP is currently producing and supplying lighting for commuter rail cars for Long Island Rail Road, building up a resume of rail car lighting in North America.

The LECIP Group will continue striving to strengthen development of overseas rail car lighting, establish its position in the North American rail market, and increase adoption of our products.

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